The 5 Simple Steps You Need To Immediately Close Up To 50% Of Every Audience, Without Any Hard-Selling Or Being A Manipulative Douchebag
  •  Triple your income instantly by becoming a "selling-from-stage-machine" without being a manipulative douchebag.
  •  Learn how to avoid the 5 costly mistakes that keep 90% of speakers still living with their parents. 
  •  Discover how to use "authentic-secret-strategies" that will get people to buy your programs even if they did not know you before.
About Simone 
Simone Vincenzi is the co-founder of and he helps coaches and speakers to dominate their niche. 

Simone is the host of EXPLODE YOUR COACHING BIZ SHOW and, by the age of 28 he spoke in more than 600 events and has been featured in more than 100 podcasts, Sky, The Huffington Post and shared the stage with Les Brown, Gary Vee, Dr. John Demartini and many more.

He was recently awarded as the best speaker in UK 2016, nominated in the house of parliament as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the UK.

He is an expert at teaching his clients how to create live and online events that sell without using any manipulative technique.
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